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Hi :) I am new here and I have no idea how it's working sadly ^^' I am a pokedoll collector and I wanted to meet new friend who is also collectiong pokedolls. I will gladly take any help of any kind.

About me: 
My name is Vanessa ^^ I am girl of course
I am 21 years old and LOVE colecting plushies, specially pokedolls, webkinz signature and wolf ^^
I am from Canada and still living there
I am big pokemon fan <3 and a HUGE Okami fan
I am also collecting Okami/Okamiden merchandise
I love to travel and to meet new friends :)

I really want to post picture of my collection ^^ I just need to find how!

Thanks for reading :)

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Hiya :) I'm Jess. I love Pokedolls and I just recently started collecting. I noticed you are also an Okami fan I collect Okami too :D Its nice to see someone else loves okami as much as me too. I hope to see your collection sometime mine is here--->
I'll be doing a pretty big update prolly sometime next week though

Hiii!!!! :D nice to meet you ^^
It's really nice to find new collector :3 My pokedoll collection is not that big also since I only collect pokedoll ^^' I do have some Jakks Pacific to go with it but that's it, but my Okami collection is kinda big :D I have picture of it on my deviant art page I don't know if I can post the link here tho :/

You can post the link here :) I would love to see your collection :D

Really? ^^ yay!!
That's my Okami collection as June 2012 :D I have more now ^^ I will probably take an update picture around Christmas.
And that's my pokedoll collection ^^ I am waiting for 10 more pokedolls in the mail :D!!
Your collection is really lovely <3 so much cute stuff!

You have an awesome collection of Okami and Pokedolls! I can't believe theres so much okami merch out there. I only have the game and my chibiterasu plush. Hopefully I can get more someday

Hey, by the way, you need to put commas between the tags on LJ. Otherwise it counts them as one big tag ^^;
I'm used to DeviantART too XD

That's good to know ^^' thanks for telling me

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