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Old Pokedoll Collection Pictures Evolution

2012 - this tiny shelf filled up very fast ^^

Same year - it didn't take long before getting a bigger one!

2013 - the tiny shelf was back, the big one was already full.

2014 - I ditched the small one once again and got a second big one. This is the last picture that I have of my pokedoll collection before I decided to finaly sell them in 2016. As of today, I only have Lucario, Riolu and Umbreon that I am keeping for my personal collection.

I regret nothing.
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My Pokemon Collection 09/01/2018

Click here if you want to see what my collection was last year at around the same time ->

Click here if you want to see with images, the story of my once Pokedoll collection ->

My collection have been "purge" in the last couple of month. I used to display everything everywhere in my appartment, but that's no longer the case.
I now try to keep everything in one single room. I call it Pitpit's room because that's where I keep Pitpit my pet lovebird c:

Let's start with the stuff I have on display!

To think that these 2 shelves used to be overflowed by Pokedolls.... most of them I didn't really want simply because I "needed them all for a complete collection" ... I have learn that "complete" "perfection"
They might seem empty compare to what they used to look like :) but I like them a LOT more that way!
The free space if for the 3 forms of the Lycanroc Dolls.They came! :D

I know I said that I couldn't stand to look at a Pokedoll anymore, but the new Pokemon Doll line is so different compare to all of the older Pokedolls (IMO) that I do not mind them ^^ I actually find some of them quite cute.

Here's a little close up of the 2 display case on top of them :) I also have the set with Sableye, Dragonite, Magikarp, Omanyte and Lapras on pre-order ^^ I can't wait to receive them, I LOVE the gashapon Ditto line :D I usualy don't buy Pokemon figures, but I couldn't resist the cuteness!

I simply LOVE Vulpix ^^ it's just too cute! I am keeping them on top of an other shelf I have in Pitpit's room. I have a big problem with dust and find that dust is quite hard to remove from plushies with longer minky materials which is why I am keeping them in a plastic bag ;-;

I am displaying them in the living room for right now x) I didn't really had time to decorate for Christmas so I used them to add a little Christmas touch to my home. I am not sure yet where I will keep them next.

I keep everything else in a safe storage in my appartment because I don't have the space to display them yet.

My sleepy plushies of Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy ^^ I di try to only have small items in my collection, but those 3 are simply too cute to pass! Oshawott is my favorite of the trio <3

Other big plushies I couldn't pass on!
The big laying Pika and the Dittochu have been secret grails of mine <3 I never really did a "want post" or added them to my "wish list" simply because I never ever thought that I would one day own them... I try not to spend over a certain amount of money when it comes to collecting and they were WAY over that amount on eBay and other website I saw them on ^^'
Thanks to deranged_girl and chain they are now part of my collection! :D Thanks so much, both of you! ^^ They both have their tag which is awesome!
The lifesize Treecko is simply adorable <3 I sold all of my other lifesize starters, but couldn't bring myself to sell this one. I love how it can sit pretty much everywhere c:

This is my entire Japanese Awake Kuttari collection :) I got all the ones I wanted execpt for Eevee and Flareon ;-; I waited too long and they are now sold out everywhere....

The only prized items I have in my collection. They are so soft and cute! I really wish to have Vaporeon one day :) I just LOVE how small and well made they are ^^

This is all of my metal charms :) I use them to decorate my tiny Christmas tree for the holidays. My favorite type of charms are the special one like Christmas, halloween, festival etc. The Pokedex ones are way too small, which is why I only have Lucario and Riolu (my 2 most favorite Pokemon)
The red box have all of these charms in it:

Ramdom misc item I got as gifts or freebies when ordering from certain stores online :) or simply random stuff I bought without thinking xD

This is my Pokemon Gashapon collection.
I keep them in storage right now until I can get more display case like the ones I use for my Ditto.

When it comes to collecting gashapon I really like, I preffer to buy the complete sets. Mostly because it's cheaper to buy the whole set x) so since I started this way, I wish to continue on that path when it comes to gashapon.
I didn't want to remove them from their plastic bags protecting them so I will simply use stock photos of the sets I have :)
I have all of the sleeping figures:

I have all Eeveelution Puttito:

The full Alola Pokemon set:

Complete Pikachu with hat set:

The rest is my Mascot collection

I LOVE the Petit plush series!!!!! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!! I really love them because they are perfect to decorate my Christmas Tree :D they are small, cute and easy to store ^^ perfect for collecting! They are also very well made for their tiny size O:
I only collect the Japanese version as I really hate the ugly huge plastic clip they are using on the US version D:

I only have 10 missing: Piplup, Turtwig, Cyndaquill, Chikorita, Mawile, Marill, Plusle, Minum, Dragonite and Jirachi.

I LOVE THE DITTO SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love them so much! ^^ I really need to get more of these before they all disappear!
This is all that I have so far :)

IMG_1675 (1).jpg
After hunting them for years, I finaly have ALL of the walky plushies :D all with tags and charms!

This is my "Pokemon Center" Mascot collection :) they comes from various series release by the Pokemon Center. I simply love them ^^ they are small and very well made! I would love to get more from the baby, halloween and Eevee with poncho series!
NOTE* I have found the Baby Cleffa mascot plushie! ^^

I also have the It's DEMO Vulpix pair!
I still need to take a good picture of them :)

Anime/Video Game Sale Post

Rules and guidelines


I ship from New-Brunswick Canada
I ship everywhere BUT some item will only be available to Canada and USA due to size or shipping option available

I live in a smoke free home
I have a bird as a pet
I only accept paypal as a method of payment
No returns (except if I sent you the wrong item/s)
Commitments have priority over quotes

I am not responsible after the items leave my hands. I do my best to protect everything and I will keep all proof of shipment for about a month or 2 after the package was sent.
I will hold an item up to a week (or more)
I accept payment plans if you pay for the PP fees for each payments
No trades
A little haggling is fine, but please do not be mad if I refuse your offer. Priority goes to the buyer who wants to pay the full price.

DO NOT DELETE YOUR COMMENTS! If you have to do so, please contact me first.
All prices are in USD
I now cannot ship as fast as I used to sadly... please expect 3 to 7 (or maybe more!) days before I can go to a post office :( I am very sorry about that
Please do not back out of a sale, a negative feedback will be left if you do
PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT THE ITEM OR NOT AFTER I GAVE YOU A QUOTE. If you fail to reply to my quotes too often, you will be ban from my sale in the future
Some items are on eBay. eBay commitement have priority over this sale post.

Shipping info

I ship from New-Brunswick Canada and ship worldwide
Please note that shipping outside of Canada and the United States can be pricey
I use recycled shipping materials like box, enveloppe, bubble wrap, etc.
To all Canadians buyers, please give me your postal code when asking for a quote.

Movic Color Colle
Touken Ranbu Online - $10 each
Not available: Kasen, Kashuu

Ichiban Kuji SEngoku Basara charms set Yukimura, Renji and Masamune - $15 for all 3

Date Masamune figure
Prize B $15
Prize A $25

Repede pillow Tales of Vesperia with tag - $55

Tales of acrylic keychain/phone charm - $10 each
SOLD- Ludger

Attack on Titan Levi small wooden charm - $7

Code Geass Emperor Lelouch plush by Movic
New in plastic (displayed) - $25

Complete set Touken Ranbu 1rst Squad Petit Nendoroid with GSC gold and black base + cardboard background (Mutsunokami has a small spot on his hair)
Complete with all little boxes - $55

Bring Arts Kingdom Hearts 3 Second Form Sora
Complete with box - $45

Levi Ackerman 1/8 scale GSC
Complete with box - $120

Capcom Exclusif set of 2 figures Sengoku Basara Yukimura Den
Complete with box - $30 (for both)

Super rare complete serie of Tales of the Abyss, brand new and sealed DVD

Tales of Vesperia xbox 360
Like New - $20
Main Yato

My Pokemon Collection 31/01/17

Lets first start with "Pitpit's room" :)

In my tall shelf:

In the 2 smaller shelves:

Waiting in the mail: Petit Fennekin, Squirtle and Eevee / Walky Totodile, Small Eevee and Charmander.

In the living room

On top of one of my Detolf cabinet:

Not pictured: Ichiban Kuji Charmander plush (with box) and Bulbasaur (with box)

In my bedroom

Waiting in the mail: Kuttari Awake Umbreon, Espeon, Mudkip and Pikachu.
Not pictured: Moko Moko Mew plush

My charms collection (they are so cute in the mini Christmas tree x) I don't want to remove them just yet)

Not pictured: Riolu and Lucario set
Waiting in the mail: Pika festival set
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Hi :) I am new here and I have no idea how it's working sadly ^^' I am a pokedoll collector and I wanted to meet new friend who is also collectiong pokedolls. I will gladly take any help of any kind.

About me: 
My name is Vanessa ^^ I am girl of course
I am 21 years old and LOVE colecting plushies, specially pokedolls, webkinz signature and wolf ^^
I am from Canada and still living there
I am big pokemon fan <3 and a HUGE Okami fan
I am also collecting Okami/Okamiden merchandise
I love to travel and to meet new friends :)

I really want to post picture of my collection ^^ I just need to find how!

Thanks for reading :)