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My Pokemon Collection 31/01/17
Main Yato
Lets first start with "Pitpit's room" :)

In my tall shelf:

In the 2 smaller shelves:

Waiting in the mail: Petit Fennekin, Squirtle and Eevee / Walky Totodile, Small Eevee and Charmander.

In the living room

On top of one of my Detolf cabinet:

Not pictured: Ichiban Kuji Charmander plush (with box) and Bulbasaur (with box)

In my bedroom

Waiting in the mail: Kuttari Awake Umbreon, Espeon, Mudkip and Pikachu.
Not pictured: Moko Moko Mew plush

My charms collection (they are so cute in the mini Christmas tree x) I don't want to remove them just yet)

Not pictured: Riolu and Lucario set
Waiting in the mail: Pika festival set

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I love your collection <3 :)

Thank you! :D
I love it way more now that I am only keeping the things I really love! ^^

That's great :) I've kind of been doing the same thing lately. I've been doing major weeding to my collection. There are still some items in my collection that I'm not 100% sure about whether I want to keep or sell, but I've weeded out the ones I know I don't want/need. It definitely feels better to have more space (although I still don't have much room for my collection >_<).

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